Torex Cold Shoulder Therapy offers fast, simple and effective treatment for many common shoulder injuries.  Our patented form fitting U-shaped harness makes it possible for the user to enjoy easy, one handed application.  Multi-chambered gel pockets conform to your shoulder’s front, back and rotator cuff areas to deliver soothing cold therapy where it’s needed most. Our premium medical grade materials stay ultra soft when chilled allowing torex to mold to the body. Together, these features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief, keep swelling to a minimum, and greatly increase overall effectiveness.

Product Features

Latex-free, non-toxic
One Handed Application
Shapes to Right or Left Shoulder
Removable Harness for Post-operative use
Guaranteed! 100% satisfaction with a 90 day warranty.

How To Use

  • Store the torex Cold Shoulder in the freezer for two or more hours prior to use.
  • Remove from freezer and gently knead to soften gel packs.
  • Place the Torex Shoulder onto shoulder over a t-shirt or cloth.
  • Adjust the harness and gel packs for a comfortable fit.
  • The plastic harness can be removed for a comfortable fit on post operative or large shoulders

Check for proper fit:

  • Two fingers should easily slide between a Torex Shoulder pack and the treatment area.
    Never apply a Torex Shoulder that is too tight or too cold.
  • Adjust gel packs for comfortable fit. Relax in a comfortable position for the duration of your cold therapy treatment.


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