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About Us

Arm Care 2 Go is a company created and founded by two former professional athletes, with the concept of providing baseball, softball, and patients with arm troubles of all ages, shapes, and sizes the essential tools to strengthen your arm at a more than reasonable cost using our high quality Arm Care 2 Go kit.


We specialize in an Arm Care Strength and Conditioning Kit geared specifically toward baseball/softball players of all ages looking to improve their arm strength while preventing injury.  It’s been a great benefit to both players and retailers of our kits.  We’ve had many teams, organizations and facilities incorporate our kits with great success.

Parents/Teams are spending outrageous amounts on sets of similar bands (and only the bands) while we are offering the same high quality without the extreme cost.  ‘Arm Care 2 Go’ believes that EACH and EVERY ELITE PLAYER deserves to have their own arm care kit instead of over-spending on “team” or expensive individual bands.  They deserve to have a kit with them ANYWHERE they go instead of relying on a shared team kit.  NOW they can…along with a FREE Stretch Strap and Door Anchor.

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